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Q : What is TB?

A : TB is contagious disease cause by bacteryum called Mycobacterium Tuberculosis. This bacteria spread through air and can easily contagious to other people. 80 % TB attack at lung and other can attack organ such as brain, intestine, etc


Q : What is the sign and symptom if someone occur TB ?

A : Symptom can be varies depend on immune system. Most frequently encountered is cough for 2 weeks or more, sweat at night without any physical activity, and weight loss dramatically. Sometimes occur dyspnea, and fever.


Q : Who can occur TB ?

A : All age group can occur TB from newborn baby to elderly, if directly receive bacteria from other TB patient and there is contact history with TB patient. 


Q : What can we do if we occur TB ?

A : If you have cough for 2 weeks or more, go find help to nearest health care, primary helathcare or Hospitals. Check your sputum 3 times and if neccesary do chest X-ray.


Q : Can we cure from TB ?

A : 90 % TB can completely cure, if can finish the treatment completely. TB treatment at least 6 – 9  month. TB treatment divide into 2 phase intensif phase (take daily medicine) and continous phase (take 3 times a week medicine). TB medication in public health centre is free of charge.


Q : How to prevent to TB ?

A :Generally , we take care our health status with take good nutrition, self cleanliness, and stay fit with enough physical activity. If we in the risk environment, maybe we need a masker.


Q : If I have TB, how to prevent spread to my family member ?

A : Go visit nearest health care centre and make sure get right treatment. Follow doctors suggestion and take medication regularly. Use mask while in your family environment, in if cough or sneeze, use clean tissue and throw after it, never use handkerchif repeatly. 


Q : Who can become member of IMTC website ?

A : Health profesional who working around TB and MDR TB field, and also public health worker in TB control program


Q : Why IMTC website is restricted in some area ?

A : Because some information is sensitive, and special for health profesional (medical doctor, specialist, nurses) to sharing knowlede and most updated TB and MDR TB Management


Q : How to become member in IMTC website ?

A : You have to fullfill the criteria and fill all requirement formulir. Administrator will verify again and will approve for several access.