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Indonesia IMTC contributes to MDR-TB management in Indonesia and works with countries to expand clinical and programmatic capacity to diagnose and treat MDR-TB, including increasing the availability of hospital-based treatment services. In addition, Indonesia IMTC™ is a key partner in the introduction of community-based MDR-TB treatment systems.

In Indonesia, this project introducing community-based MDR-TB care and designed to assist NTPs and other non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to accelerate the implementation of the Programmatic Management of Drug Resistant TB (PMDT) programs. Indonesia IMTC™ programs work with a wide segment of stakeholders, including hospital association, respiratory society, CDC-MOH, R&D-MOH, international organizations, communities, and patients to scale up evidence-based interventions and improve outcomes in MDR-TB prevention and control. It offers guidance to minimize TB infection within hospitals, improve the quality of life, and provides support so that patients can complete treatment while maintaining interaction with their families and communities.

Establish in Jakarta, since February 2015.

  • Healthy society, where preventable diseases and mortality have been significantly decreased, and healthy lifespan extended to all by curtailment of disease.
  • To mitigate the devastating impact of TB on individuals and their families living in the context of extreme poverty in Indonesia.
  • To focus efforts on training, case management, MDR doctors and nurses development, diagnostic skills and supporting services.
  • To keep abreast of any updated information related to the MDR-TB.
  • To work closely with the government or non-governmental organization in order to maintain, enhance and integrate with all TB activities by identifying, treating and preventing transmission of MDR-TB.
  • To support our young investigators by providing TB Innovative Research Awards in any novel TB clinical research as well as clinical treatment and diagnostic skills.
  • To facilitate and support any clinical trials related to the diagnostic and treatment of MDR-TB.